The first day of the conference, Wednesday, 9 November will be dedicated to half-day workshops on an important new CTBUH initiative: the establishment of a global accreditation and certification program for both buildings and professionals. Full descriptions of each workshop can be found on the full schedule here.

The CTBUH Tall Building Accreditation and Certification Program will embrace multiple areas of tall building performance, such as carbon, safety, quality of occupation, urban integration, and more. But your input is needed. Help determine if this new program will be aimed at one holistic rating across all disciplines or be a raft of separate accreditations. Clarify how the program will assess excellence. And discuss how this certification could inform a new joined-up code for tall buildings internationally.

Accreditation and certification committee/workshop themes include:

  • Architectural Design
  • Carbon
  • Construction (speed, safety, innovation)
  • Economics and Development (efficiency, profitability, affordability, cost, value)
  • Materials
  • Mobility (efficiency, quality)
  • Structure (innovation, efficiency, safety)
  • Systems (MEP, life safety, other)
  • Urban Integration & Impact