There are three types of Gold packages, the first two offering exclusive sponsorship of a unique aspect of the conference, as outlined below, and the third—Straight Gold—connected with a speaking role and conference branding. All Gold packages offer a core conference presentation; up to four complimentary conference registrations; and up to five registrations for the workshops.

Platinum + Program Room/Track + Workshop

Similar to Diamond Sponsors, these four Platinum Sponsors will be acknowledged as the hosts/sponsors of one of the nine distinct “tracks” of the conference, as outlined in the Diamond section. Each track will be hosted in one of the “program rooms” at the venue. The program room will also serve as an exhibition/branded space for the sponsor. In addition, these Platinum Sponsors will establish themselves as thought leaders in a given field by chairing a new committee focused on a distinct field in the exciting new global CTBUH Tall Building Accreditation and Certification Program (think LEED, but for a more holistic rating embracing multiple areas of “performance,” not just energy; carbon, safety, quality of occupation, urban integration, and more). The sponsor will help drive and chair committee meetings (virtual) in advance of the conference, with the corresponding half-day workshop, taking place on Day 1 of the conference, being a milestone in the establishment of the accreditation and certification program. The sponsor will co-host, alongside CTBUH, and chair the workshop, and thus drive the discussion on what constitutes “excellence” in a particular field. These sponsors will thus be positioned as the leading experts in that field, and help drive the new accreditation and certification program after the conference. Possible committees/workshop themes are shown below.

Accreditation and Certification Committees/Conference Workshops, 12 No.

(exact themes to be confirmed)

  • Construction (speed, safety, innovation)
  • Economics (cost, value)
  • Envelope (performance, aesthetics)
  • Internal Environment (quality, performance)
  • Materials & Carbon (whole LCA)
  • Mobility (efficiency, quality)
  • Operating Energy
  • Spatial and Floor Area Efficiency
  • Structure (innovation, efficiency, safety)
  • Systems (MEP, life safety, other)
  • Urban Integration & Impact
  • Water (source, usage, conservation)

Total Packages: 4 (4 Still Available)

Cost: US$60,000


Platinum + Conference App

This package carries the benefit of exclusive branding of the event app for the conference, used by all delegates in advance of the event, and at the conference itself. The Platinum + Conference App Sponsor will be acknowledged as the sole supporter of this platform, which will serve as the main vehicle for delegates to access conference information comprehensively.

Total Packages: 1 (1 Still Available)

Cost: US$50,000


Platinum + Conference Bags

All conference attendees will be given a delegate bag containing conference materials, which they will carry throughout the event, with many choosing to also use afterwards. The Platinum + Conference Bags Sponsor will thus enjoy great exposure of their brand, through the inclusion of their logo on the bags, during and after the event.

Total Packages: 1 (1 Still Available)

Cost: US$50,000


Platinum + CTBUH Journal

All conference attendees will receive a copy of the special issue of the CTBUH Journal, themed on the conference. The same journal will also be distributed globally to all CTBUH members. As sole sponsor of the issue, the sponsor’s logo will be on the cover and contain a relevant paper, or case study, within.

Total Packages: 1 (1 Still Available)

Cost: US$50,000

Sponsor Benefit Table

Platinum + Room/Track + WorkshopPlatinum + Specific Package
3 Packages
(0 Available)
7 Packages
(0 Still Available)
Sponsor Branding Priority2nd Highest Priority2nd Highest Priority
Exclusive SponsorshipBranded Program Room (smaller space) + Track + Certification Workshop Lead/Chair SOLD OUT7 Package Options: (1) CTBUH Journal; (2) Opening Networking Reception; (3) VIP Lounge
SOLD OUT; (4) Conference App; (5) Conference Bags; (6) Name Badge Lanyards; (7) Academic Initiatives SOLD OUT
Table of 8 at Awards Ceremony and Dinner
Exhibition/Branding Presence in Program Room
Complimentary Core Conference Registrations (includes speaker registrations)55
Presentation/Speaker/Panel Roles1 Core Conf. Presentation + Workshop Lead/Chair Role1 Core Conf. Presentation
Accreditation and Certification Committee RoleCommittee Chair
Accreditation and Certification Workshops (NOTE: Can be used across several workshops)Chair + 4 Attendees (5 total)Attendees (4 No.)
Networking Reception Invites
Recognition from ChairIn Program Track and Workshop
Logo on Website Homepage
Small Brochure in Delegate Bags
Logo in Event Adverts in CTBUH Journal, etc.
Promotion via Social Media
Host Sponsor Social Event on evening of 10 November
Company Email Marketing Support
Material on General Sponsor Table
Logo on Signage
Logo on Walk-in/out Slide Loop
Promotion via Post-Conference Digital Report
Recognition in Conference Guide
Special Designation on Name BadgesSponsorSponsor
Logo on Website

*Sponsorship fee is net of all taxes and fees. Any taxes and fees need to be paid by the sponsor.

Other Sponsorship Opportunities