Diamond + Room/Track + AwardsPlatinum + Room/Track + WorkshopPlatinum + Specific PackageGold + Competition SponsorGold + WorkshopStraight GoldSilver + Breakfast/Lunch/
Coffee Break
Straight Silver
4 Packages
(0 Available)
3 Packages
(0 Available)
7 Packages
(0 Still Available)
4 Packages
(0 Still Available)
6 Packages
(0 Still Available)
16 Packages
(0 Still Available)
8 Packages
(0 Still Available)
36 Packages
(0 Still Available)
Sponsor Branding PriorityHighest Priority2nd Highest Priority2nd Highest Priority3rd Highest Priority3rd Highest Priority3rd Highest Priority4th Highest Priority4th Highest Priority
Exclusive SponsorshipBranded Program Room (major space e.g., Ballroom) & Track SOLD OUTBranded Program Room (smaller space) + Track + Certification Workshop Lead/Chair SOLD OUT7 Package Options: (1) CTBUH Journal; (2) Opening Networking Reception; (3) VIP Lounge
SOLD OUT; (4) Conference App; (5) Conference Bags; (6) Name Badge Lanyards; (7) Academic Initiatives SOLD OUT
4 Competition Options: (1) Research Seed Funding SOLD OUT; (2) Student Design Competition SOLD OUT; (3) Student Research Competition SOLD OUT; (4) Traveling Student Design Studio SOLD OUTCertification Workshop Lead/ChairOne breakfast, lunch, or coffee break, with promotional video
Table of 8 at Awards Ceremony and DinnerVIP Table - Priority Positioning
Exhibition/Branding Presence in Program Room
Complimentary Core Conference Registrations (includes speaker registrations)65544432
Presentation/Speaker/Panel Roles1 Core Conf. Presentation1 Core Conf. Presentation + Workshop Lead/Chair Role1 Core Conf. Presentation1 Core Conf. Presentation1 Core Conf. Presentation + Workshop Lead/Chair Role1 Core Conf. Presentation1 Session Chair Role1 Session Chair Role
Accreditation and Certification Committee RoleCommittee ChairCommittee Chair
Accreditation and Certification Workshops (NOTE: Can be used across several workshops)Attendees (5 No.)Chair + 4 Attendees (5 total)Attendees (4 No.)Attendees (4 No.)Chair + 4 Attendees (5 total)Attendees (3 No.)Attendees (2 No.)Attendee (1 No.)
Networking Reception Invites6 VIP Invites to Opening Networking Reception
Recognition from ChairAt Conference Open & CloseIn Program Track and WorkshopAt Workshop
Logo on Website Homepage
Small Brochure in Delegate Bags
Logo in Event Adverts in CTBUH Journal, etc.
Promotion via Social Media
Host Sponsor Social Event on evening of 10 November
Company Email Marketing Support
Material on General Sponsor Table
Logo on Signage
Logo on Walk-in/out Slide Loop
Promotion via Post-Conference Digital Report
Recognition in Conference Guide
Special Designation on Name BadgesSponsorSponsorSponsorSponsorSponsorSponsorSponsorSponsor
Logo on Website

*Sponsorship fee is net of all taxes and fees. Any taxes and fees need to be paid by the sponsor.

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